AURROW: Canadian Real Estate Innovation at its finest

Welcome to Aurrow Inc, Canada’s newest, most advanced ACLS Real Estate database. Aurrow provides internet data exchange solutions to real estate professionals and Canadians seeking transparent details on properties. Our technology allows realtors, brokers, and homeowners to display searchable ACLS (Multiple Listing Service) and find valuable real estate data. 


Technical expertise is important; that's why our partners find bulk data convenient. It allows them to compare properties, evaluate listings, and stay up-to-date with the local real estate market. As real estate professionals, we understand the need to effectively manage clients, agents, and listings in all Canadian areas.

Start developing your real estate business now and run it more effectively using Aurrow’s tools. Unlike our competitors, we encourage our members to create their own content, take control over their listings and be their own best advocates. Go on. It’s okay to brag over here.

Realtors: No more juggling multiple sites or databases. With Aurrow, your properties are displayed complete with photos sourced directly from our database. List your property with Aurrow’s ACLS platform and automatically update your property listings anytime you want.

Brokers: Now you can offer the appeal of a database driven website to your realtors and affiliates, with none of the headaches that come with maintaining all that information.

With Aurrow, you’ve got the flexibility and freedom to accommodate the listings of all your agents and have those listings automatically filtered by agent, all while offering a powerful, efficient search of the ACLS databases in your area.


It’s time you did too. How often have you turned to Google for quick, precise details in your search for a new car, clothes, food, or - a new house? Our guess would be more times than you can count. Real Estate is one of the fastest growing consumer categories online. 

Imagine a consumer being able to scan your listings, including the entire ACLS database, finding a property of interest and contacting you to schedule a viewing; all without you even lifting a finger. Take full advantage of a real estate business that runs like it should, with no interruptions. Leave the tech stuff to us. Our support staff’s waiting in the wings to take care of any questions or issues, so relax, and get to work.

NOTE: All information provided is based on availability.