Aurrow Real Estate Canada

Connecting Agents & Home Buyers Through Innovative Education.

Who We Are

AURROW INC. is a Canadian-based online One stop shop for everything Residential Real Estate and Advertising company. We aim to empower Canadians by arming them with comprehensive Real Estate information when considering a residential purchase, and partner with real estate members who care about helping their clients achieve their property goals with well-educated decisions.

Our online Platform provides Consumers with options of buying, owning, renting, financing, and remodeling homes and more. From finding resale homes, to those not currently on the market, to leased/rental properties or a simple estimation of a home; we place the keys to the hidden details of millions of homes in Canada firmly at clients’ fingertips.


How We're Different

We understand the importance of finding a dream home, so it’s important to us that our Platform keep consumers well informed of the value changes of properties during a specified period - which invariably ranges from 1, to 5, to 15 years.

Our platform additionally provides aerial views, along with the prices of comparable homes in a particular area. Whenever our services gain access to relevant public data, we place emphasis on providing consumers with the most up to date information on property across Canada via our website

NOTE: All information provided is based on availability.